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Richard Rottman
Richard Rottman

Hello! My name is Richard Rottman and I live in Hagerstown, Maryland. I specialize in WordPress and e-commerce.


If you have a WordPress website and need any type of customization or repair, look no further. I am an excellent troubleshooter and that includes anything relating to WordPress.

E-commerce and Credit Card Processing

Working for years in the credit card industry has allowed me to obtain immense knowledge of how credit cards are processed.

Payeezy Gateway

I spent over seven years as a Payeezy senior support agent. With the knowledge I obtained supporting the Payeezy payment gateway and working with WordPress since 2006, I was able to create four Payeezy WordPress plugins.

The premium plugins I offer all come with lifetime updates and free support. You pay once and then never again.

If none of the above plugins address your specific needs, I can build custom payment or donation forms that match your exact requirements and specifications.

I can also set up WooCommerce to process with Payeezy.

Don’t use WordPress? No problem. I can create a customized Payeezy payment or donation form to work with any website publishing system such as Wix, Squarespace, or even Facebook or Twitter. If you can post a link, I can create a custom payment or donation form that collects the information you want or need to collect.