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WordPress Premium Plugins for First Data’s Payeezy

WP Payeezy Pay – A basic plugin available for free on the WordPress plugin repository. It supports one payment page that integrates with First Data Payeezy.

I currently offer four premium WordPress plugins for use with First Data’s Payeezy e-commerce payment gateway.

Better Payeezy Email – When a cardholder enters their information and submits it to Payeezy, an easy-to-read email will be sent from WordPress to the email address of your choice containing everything that was sent to Payeezy.

WP Payeezy Results – Generates a receipt for the cardholder and sends all transaction information collected (name, address, phone number, email address, etc.) back to your website so that it can be stored in WordPress.

Payeezy DonateCreates up to six separate donation forms each capable of supporting weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly recurring donations.

Payeezy Payment – Creates up to six separate payment forms each capable of supporting weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly recurring payments. Initial payment and recurring payments can be different amounts. Supports fees and soft descriptors.

If none of the above plugins address your specific needs, I can custom build a plugin to your exact requirements and specifications. Request more information.

First Data Payeezy Payment Page Integration

I can create a full-featured payment or donation form for your website that will mesh seamlessly with First Data. No SSL certificate needed! It doesn’t matter how your website is on the Internet. Whether it’s WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, or Drupal, I can connect it to your First Data Payeezy account and you will be able to accept credit card payments in less than an hour. Request more information.

First Data Payeezy Shopping Cart Integration

I can integrate your First Data Payeezy merchant account with shopping cart software. First Data Payeezy is compatible with many of the most popular shopping carts on the market, including WooCommerce and GoDaddy’s Quick Shopping Cart. Request more information.

First Data Payeezy Consultation

I can provide consultation and comprehensive over-the-phone training on using First Data Payeezy. Learn best practices involving your First Data Payeezy e-commerce account, including how to minimize the potential risk of chargebacks and fraud. Request more information.

WordPress Troubleshooting and Repair

I can perform expert troubleshooting and repair of any WordPress problem. If you have an issue with WordPress and I cannot solve it, then you do not pay. Request more information.

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