How to create a Monthly recurring plan in Fiserv Payeezy

Before processing recurring transactions with Fiserv’s Payeezy gateway, you will need to create a recurring plan. The processing of creating a plan can seem overly complicated, mostly because it is. Hopefully, if you follow these simple instructions, the process will be a lot easier.

Step 1

Log in to Fiserv Payeezy.

Step 2

At the top-right of the screen, click on Recurring.

Step 3

At the top-left of the screen, click on Create Plan.

Step 4

On the New Plan screen, you will want to give the new plan a name. I suggest naming it “Monthly Plan.” You then want to go down to the default start date and click on the Today link. That will populate today’s date. Then, go down to Default End Date and click on the Today link. That, too, will populate today’s date. You then want to manually change this year to the year ten years from now. In this case, change 2021 to 2031. This will keep the recurring plan active for the next ten years.

Note: The actual recurring transaction gets its start date and end date from the plugin. This is just a formality for creating a recurring plan.

Once you’ve done that, change the Default Frequency to Monthly.

Step 5

Check the box next to Activated. The checkbox for Enable for Payment Page should already be checked.

Step 6

Click on Create.

Step 7

When you return to the Recurring menu and then click on the recurring plan you just created, it will show the Recurring Billing ID located under HCO Plan ID (x_recurring_billing_id).

This is what you will need to enter in the plugin when it asks for the Monthly Recurring Billing ID. The same instructions apply for WP Payeezy Pay or the premium versions, Payeezy Payment or Payeezy Donate.