How to install and set up WP Payeezy Results

Here are the instructions for setting up WP Payeezy Results.

1. Ensure that WP Payeezy PayPayeezy Payment, or Payeezy Donate is installed and activated.

2. Install WP Payeezy Results and activate it.

3. Log into Payeezy and go to Payment Pages.

4. Select the payment page you are using and then select 9. Security.

5. Press Generate New Response Key.

6. Copy the response key.

7. Before leaving Payeezy, go to the bottom-right and press Save Changes.

8. In WordPress, select WP Payeezy Pay, Payeezy Payment, or Payeezy Donation on the left.

9. Under Optional Fields, in the Response Key field, paste the response key copied in step 6.

10. In the Notification Email field, enter the email address you want WordPress to send the notification emails to.

11. In the Notification Email Subject field, enter what you would like the subject to be.

Note: If either the Notification Email or Notification Email Subject fields are left blank, WordPress will not send a notification email.

12. Before leaving, go to the bottom-left and press Save Settings.

13. In WordPress, select Pages > Add New.

14. In the title field, enter “payeezy-results” without the quote marks.

15. In the body of the page, paste the following shortcode that applies:

WP Payeezy Pay


Payeezy Payment


Payeezy Donate


16. Publish the page.

17. Copy the full URL of the page.

18. Log back into Payeezy and go to Payment Pages.

19. Select the payment page and select 4. Receipt Page.

20. Select Automatic linking to the receipt page including result parameters using HTTP POST method (AUTO-POST).

21. Enter the URL of the page where the applicable shortcode is published in the field for Receipt Link URL.

22. Before leaving, go to the bottom-right and press Save Changes.

23. End.

That’s it. From now on, when someone makes a payment, they will be redirected back to your website and they will see a receipt on their screen showing the transaction results. If the transaction was approved, the information about the transaction will be written to your WordPress database and you will be able to see this information by going to WP Payeezy Results on the left.

WordPress will also send an email to the email address of your choice about the payment if you followed steps 10 and 11.

Any Questions?

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