WP Payeezy Pay Customization and Modification

Do you use WP Payeezy Pay to accept donations? I have a new premium WordPress plugin built just for you.

Payeezy Donation

If you use WP Payeezy Pay to connect your WordPress site to First Data’s Payeezy gateway and wish it did something that it currently doesn’t do, I can help with that. I can customize or modify it for you at a very reasonable price.

Here’s some of the things I’ve done in the past for clients:

  • Change the Recurring Payment from monthly to weekly, quarterly, or annually.
  • Add sales tax based on the cardholder’s address.
  • Add the ability to use coupon codes.
  • Have WordPress send a notification email to any email address every time a cardholder is sent to First Data’s secure payment form.
  • Create a custom receipt page.
  • Change the predefined donation amounts.
  • Create a form that includes selecting items and quantities. The plugin than calculates a total amount and sends the total to First Data. The items selected and the quantities then appear on First Data’s secure payment form.

These are only examples of the things I’ve done in the past. They don’t represent a limit to the customizations or modifications I can do for you. Fill out this handy-dandy form, briefly explaining what you’d like done. I promise I’ll get right back with you.
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