Payeezy Payment

Payeezy Payment is the Easiest, Most Feature-Rich Way to Connect WordPress to First Data Payeezy

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Payeezy Payment is a premium WordPress plugin that connects a WordPress website to First Data’s Payeezy gateway using the hosted checkout (HCO) method of integration. It represents the easiest, most efficient way of connecting First Data’s Payeezy gateway to a WordPress website.

 Up to Six Payment Pages

Create up to six individual payment pages for integration in WordPress with a simple shortcode. Each payment page is independent of any other payment page. Settings for one payment page do not interfere with the settings of the other five payment pages.

Specify a Gateway ID

Each payment page can point to a specific terminal by including the Gateway ID.

Fee Amount

If a terminal is set up with a fee amount, but you would like to override it, you can do so in the plugin’s settings.

Advanced Recurring

When a cardholder makes a payment, the payment can be automatically repeated every week, two weeks, month, quarter, or year.

The recurring amount can be the same as the initial payment, or it can be for a different amount. For example, it can be $99 to join (initial payment) and then $50 a month every month after. It depends entirely on how it’s set up in the settings. You can also add a Recurring Processing Charge to each recurring payment. For example, instead of requiring a customer to pay for everything up front, you can allow them to make monthly payments. You have the option of adding a convenience charge to each monthly payment.

Soft Descriptors

This plugin fully supports Soft Descriptors. They allow your customer to more clearly identify what they paid for when they look at their credit card statement.

Payment Form Fields: Show Only the Fields You Want to Show

Show only the fields you want to show in your published form. Include what you want, don’t include anything you don’t want. Keep in mind though if you don’t check First Name and Last Name, Payeezy will ask the cardholder for this information when they go to Payeezy.

Optional Fields: Required or Not Required

You have the ability to add optional fields to the payment form. If you give an optional field a name, it will appear on the payment form. If you don’t give it a name, it will not appear. For example, if you assign the name of Invoice Number to x_invoice_num, it will appear on the form as Invoice Number. You can also choose to make it a required field by checking the checkbox. The customer will not be able to pass to the next step unless they enter a value for the Invoice Number.

Advanced Currency Symbol Support

When you select a currency type for a payment page, the symbol for that currency will be displayed throughout the payment process.

Purchase Payeezy Payment

The price for Payeezy Pay is $60.00. Purchase price includes updates and support for one year.