How to set up recurring payments for a Payeezy payment page

A recurring payment is one that automatically repeats itself after a set amount of days. One of the benefits of using a payment page to connect your WordPress powered website to First Data Payeezy is the ability to process recurring payments.  If you’re using WP Payeezy Pay, a recurring payment repeats every month. If you’re using either Payeezy Payment or Payeezy Donate, it repeats itself every week, every two weeks, every month, every three months, or every year.

Before you can include recurring payments on the payment form on your website, you have to turn it on in First Data.

Turning recurring payments on

  1. Log into the Payeezy account.
  2. At the top-left, go to Payment Pages.
  3. Select the Payment Page you are working with by clicking the link found in the Payment Page ID column.
  4. On the left, click on 6. Recurring.
  5. Check the box next to Enable Recurring Payments. Go to the bottom-right and click the Save Changes button.

How to enable recurring payments for use with a Payeezy payment page - Richard Rottman

In conclusion

That’s it. The payment form on your website will now be able to include recurring payments.

If you’d like me to set up your payment page on First Data Payeezy, including the creation of a recurring plan, I can do just that. I charge $25 for this service. Not only do I set everything up on First Data Payeezy, but I can also configure your plugin to use the payment page I create on First Data Payeezy. For only $25, you’ll have the peace of mind everything is configured correctly.

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