Payeezy Donate

Up to Six Payment Pages

Create up to six individual payment pages for integration in WordPress with a simple shortcode. Each payment page is independent of any other payment page. Settings for one payment page do not interfere with the settings of other payment pages.

Advanced Recurring

When a cardholder donates, they have the option of repeating their donation in a week, in two weeks, in a month, in three months, or a year. Include as little or as many recurring options as you want. If you assign a Recurring Plan ID to a recurring plan, that plan will be presented to the cardholder.

If you prefer, you can show only one or two recurring options. It’s up to you. Don’t want to offer quarterly recurring? Don’t assign a Recurring Billing ID to the Quarterly Recurring Billing ID field.

If you do not assign a Recurring Billing ID to the field or go back and delete one there, the option will not appear on the donation form.

Optional Fields: Required or Not Required

With WP Payeezy Pay, when you choose to use an optional field and assign a name to that field, it makes it a required field. The cardholder cannot proceed to First Data’s secure payment form until they enter that field’s value. With Payeezy Donate, you choose whether an optional field is required or not.

Put a checkmark in the Required box, and it’s a required field; leave it blank and optional.

Advanced Currency Symbol Support

When you select a currency type for a payment page, the symbol for that currency will be displayed throughout the donation process. Payeezy Donate does away with the ugly, hard to understand three-letter currency codes.

Custom Donation Amounts

Choose which donation amounts to offer, including the cardholder’s option choosing a custom amount to donate. You decide.

Revamped Donation Amount Selectors

WP Payeezy Pay provides a standard list of radio buttons the cardholder selects from to donate. Payeezy Donate provides a way of presenting the donation amounts a little differently.

Instead of presenting a top-to-bottom list of radio button donation amounts, Payeezy Donate does it a little differently.

The amount resides inside the button. A cardholder doesn’t select a radio button next to the amount. They select the amount itself. And what about when they want to donate an amount not presented with a predefined button? When they select “other,”  a new input field appears, asking them to enter the amount they want to donate. If they then press one of the other amounts, the new input field disappears.

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