Troubleshooting WP Payeezy Pay

Here are some of the most frequent problems people have with using WP Payeezy Pay. Before I begin, I just want to stress there is not a problem with the plugin. Before I submit a new version to WordPress, I test it extensively. If you contact Payeezy Support because you are having an issue and they tell you either on the phone or through email the problem is with the plugin, they are wrong.


404 error when trying to make a payment

Beginning with version 3.02, WP Payeezy Pay creates a page in WordPress when it’s first activated. If this page fails to be created, the payment or donation form doesn’t have anywhere to send the transaction information. It results in a 404 error message.

  1. Log into WordPress.
  2. On the left menu, select Pages > Add New
  3. For the title, enter “WP Payeezy Pay Endpoint without the quotes.
  4. Press “Save Draft” on the right.
  5. Under the title, select the “Edit” button for the Permalink.
  6. Delete what is there and paste “payeezy-endpoint” without the quotes.
  7. Press “OK”
  8. Ensure the Permalink still displays “payeezy-endpoint” without any numbers or dashes at the end.
  9. In the page’s body, paste “[payeezy_endpoint]” without the quotes. 
  10. Publish the page.

Attempt a transaction. If you can go to the final page on First Data, you’ve fixed the issue. If not, contact me and let me know.

x_fp_hash error

This is the most common error with Payeezy Payment Pages. If you receive an email that shows this error, the first thing you will need to do is log into Payeezy, go to Payment Pages, select the payment page you are working with, and go to 9. Security.

Ensure the HMAC Calculation is set to HMAC-MD5. If it’s not, change it and save the settings.

This problem sprang up a while ago. For some reason, Payeezy began creating payment pages set to SHA1 encryption. This is wrong. SHA1 is an obsolete encryption method for creating an HMAC. Payeezy also changed the verbiage to say MD5 will continue to work for “legacy implementations.”

SHA1 is obsolete because it’s not secure. I’ve contacted Payeezy about this problem, but so far, they have not fixed it. Until they do, make sure the HMAC Calculation is set to HMAC-MD5.


Recurring transactions are not showing in the recurring plan

When a transaction is processed as a recurring transaction, the recurring portion may take some time to show in the recurring plan. This is because Payeezy adds recurring transactions in batches. Depending on the day and the time of the recurring transaction, there may be a delay. Since all recurring transactions in WP Payeezy Pay are monthly, I would wait a day before contacting Payeezy support about a missing recurring transaction.

Not receiving transaction emails from Payeezy

Payeezy sends emails notifying you of a transaction as a “courtesy.” They say this because there are known issues with the notification emails.

They have had problems with it for years. Sometimes they do not go out to people as they should. If you contact Payeezy Support about this problem, they will tell you to check your spam folder and/or your email provider to make sure they are not filtering the emails as spam.

If response emails are important, I recommend you purchase WP Payeezy Results. Not only does it allow WordPress to send a notification email to you with each transaction, but it also stores all transaction information in WordPress. You can at any time go into WordPress and see everything there is to see about the transaction including the cardholder’s name, address, email address, phone number, etc.


Using the troubleshooting mode in WP Payeezy Pay

As soon as you have a problem using WP Payeezy Pay, I highly recommend you go into the plugin’s settings and change the Mode to Troubleshooting. Save settings and then go to the form and process a $1 payment or donation. Instead of sending the transaction to Payeezy, it sends it to a special page that displays all of the information being sent to Payeezy.

You can then take a screenshot and send this to Payeezy Support if you would like them to troubleshoot the issue.


If you would like me to fix your problem

Unfortunately, I no longer offer free troubleshooting for WP Payeezy Pay. Most of the problems I’ve been contacted about have been issues not with the plugin, but with things on First Data’s side. These issues can and should be rectified by contacting Payeezy support.

If you would like me to troubleshoot your issue, I charge a minimum $25 for WP Payeezy Pay troubleshooting. If I cannot rectify your issue, I will issue a full refund.

I do offer free lifetime troubleshooting for Payeezy Payment and Payeezy Donate. Depending on the time of day, I normally respond to questions within an hour. If unlimited free support is something you would value, I recommend you consider purchasing one of these two premium plugins.