WP Payeezy Pay Version 2.88

I made an update to WP Payeezy Pay, the free basic plugin available on the WordPress plugin repository. The most current version is now version 2.88. If you are using this plugin, you should have noticed an update notice in the administrator section of WordPress. It’s probably a good idea to update the plugin.

What does the update do? If the cardholder attempts to submit a street address (x_address) longer than 30 characters, it will cause the transaction to not go through. It will look very much like a declined transaction, but it’s not. The transaction never left the gateway. The card number was never presented to the cardholder’s bank. This is what it would look like for the cardholder:

I’ve made a change to the plugin so that it checks to see if the street address (x_address) is 30 characters or more in length. If it is, it will truncate it down to the first 30 characters. This will make it possible for a cardholder with a very long street address to make a payment or a donation.


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