WP Payeezy Results

WP Payeezy Results is a premium add-on plugin for WP Payeezy Pay that allows WordPress to collect transaction information from First Data Payeezy and display it in an easy-to-read table in WordPress.

The following fields are stored and displayed in WordPress:

  • Card Holder: The first and last name of the card holder.
  • Card: An image showing what type of credit card was used to make the payment or donation.
  • Time: The time WordPress received the results from First Data.
  • Amount: The amount the card holder was charged.
  • Card Number: The last four digits of the credit card used. If your account has TransArmor Token, instead of the hash marks, you will see a tokenized version of the credit card. The last four digits of the tokenized number will be the same as the credit card.
  • Status: Whether the transaction was approved or declined. A green checkmark means it was approved, a circle with an “X” means it was declined.
  • Risk: Indicates if there is any risk involved with the transaction. This response is based solely on the Address Verification System (AVS) response and whether the security code (CVV/CVV2) entered by the card holder is correct or not. Green means the level of risk is minimal. Yellow means the level of risk is less than ideal. Red means the level of risk is substantial. Grey means the level of risk is unknown.
  • Address Verification: The Address Verification system can verify the street number, the zip code, and the name of the card holder. When this information is sent to the bank that issued the credit card, they return a code. This code is displayed in textual form. In the above example, the issuing bank said that the card holder name matches. It does not indicate the address number or that the zip code matched.
  • Security Code: This is the message the issuing bank sent to First Data in response to the security code (CVV/CVV2) entered by the card holder. This means the issuing bank doesn’t support verifying CVV/CVV2.
  • IP Address: This is the IP address of the computer used by the card holder when they made the payment or donation. Clicking on the IP address will take you to a website that displays geographical and other information about the IP address.  This is can be a powerful tool against fraud.
  • Address: This is the address the card holder enters on your website.
  • Email Address: This is the email address entered by the card holder if the email address appears on the WP Payeezy Pay form. Clicking it will open a new message in email program address to the card holder.
  • Phone Number: This is the phone number entered by the card holder if the phone number appears on the WP Payeezy Pay form.
  • Invoice Number: This is the invoice number entered by the card holder if invoice number appears on the WP Payeezy Pay form.
  • Ref. Number Three: This the reference number three entered by the card holder if reference number three appears on the WP Payeezy Pay form.
  • User 1 / User 2 / User 3: These are the values entered by the card holder if the three custom user fields appear on the WP Payeezy Pay form.
  • Description: This is the contents of the description text box entered by the card holder if description appears on the WP Payeezy Pay form.
  • Company: This the company name entered by the card holder if company appears on the WP Payeezy Pay form.

Choose Which Columns Are Displayed

By default, all the available columns are shown. Columns can be toggled off and on in Screen Options at the top of the screen.

Uncheck the columns you don’t want to see. Press Apply when you are finished.

The table will now only show the columns you wish to see. If you change your mind and want to modify which columns are displayed, you can go back into Screen Options and select the columns you want to see. The information is still in the database and hiding a column doesn’t alter the data.


Click here to see a giant screenshot of what this premium plugin creates. Click on the image to see it in its full size.

Purchase WP Payeezy Results

The price for WP Payeezy Results is $40.00. Purchase price includes updates and support for one year.